5 Organics

Rather than relying on one supplier we inspect and select the best plants from leading horticulturalist.

RoofCulture use three planting procedures:

Sedum Turf – This is our most popular proceedure as an instant ‘green’ effect is achieved. Similar to lawn turf sedum ‘turf’ or sedum ‘blanket’ or even sedum ‘matting’ is grown within a controlled environment until it’s failry well established. It is  then rolled up, delivered to site and drfedfd quickly for an instant ‘green’ effect.

Seeds or Cuttings – A wide variety of seeds comprising both sedums and wild flowers can be spread or ‘broadcast’ at random across the substrate either by hand (smaller roof areas) or by Hydroseeding (larger roof areas)

Plug Planting – Planting individual young plants into the substrate enables us to design layouts where a wider variety of species are placed more strategically at a density of about 15 – 20 plants per square metre.