3  Drainage/Retention

RoofCulture use a state-of-the-art green roof system manufactured by Diadem comprising  drainage/reservoir layer that retains a set depth of water to support the plants during dry periods and channels off any excess water to the outlets (gutter and down pipe ) when it rains.

The waterproofing system is covered with a protective fleece upon which the drainage/reservoir boards are laid. A polypropylene filter fleece is then laid over the  boards to inhibit the leaching of fine particles from the substrate/growing medium into the drainage layer.

  1. Green-Roof-DiagramSedum Plants
  2. Growing Medium
  3. VLF 150 Filter Fleece
  4. DiaDrain-25 drainage and reservoir board
  5. VLU-300 Protective Membrane
  6. Alwitra waterproof membrane
  7. 12 – 18mm roof decking – Layer 1
  8. 12 – 18mm roof decking – Layer 2